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Pokémon Go Nets 3bn Players to Unlock Region-Locked Farfetch'd

The Pokémon Go Global Catch Challenge event to unlock the Japan-exclusive Farfetch'd have hit its lofty goal of 3bn catches.

The Global Catch Challenge was introduced six days ago and introduced goals that allowed for temporary boosts in-game. These boosts are Double-XP, better Pokémon spawn rate, double stardust, and even the rare worldwide appearance of Farfetch'd.


That being said, the Pokémon Go community has made increasingly steady progress on unlocking this perk. Three billion catches is a crazy goal, and that seems unattainable. However, the community has reached it well within the time limit. 

This means that Farfetch'd will be available for the first time outside of Japan for just 48 hours. 

Whereas in Japan, players will get the Austrailia exclusive Pokémon Kangaskhan. 

This progression was helped by the unlocking of the temporary perks, which helped increased spawns and accelerated the overall catch total. These perks will last until the end of the month.

My Take -  This is a crazy feat and this should tell people that Pokémon Go is far from dead. In fact, it seems quite the opposite.

 Written by Quinten Hoffman, the mind behind Break in Reality. You can find him here.

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