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Demon's Souls Servers Shutting Down After Nine Years

The breakthrough action RPG hit Demon's Souls from From Software will be shutting down it's bleak multiplayer after nine years of service. The online services will be discontinued on February 28, 2018.

Sony Japan announced the news, which brought the question of if the servers were gonna live in the West. However, ATLUS, the publisher of Demon's Souls in the US, has repeated the announcement as well. Same goes for Namco Bandai in Europe.

Once the servers are no more, all the online functionality will begin to cease. After this point, the journeys through the kingdom of Boletaria will no longer have messages of encouragement or trickery from other players.

With no reason given why the server's shutdown, as Demon's Souls reaches its nine-year anniversary. The fact that the game was confined to the PS3, and its age seems reason enough to shut down the game. 

For those who want to jump back in Demon's Souls once last time with a friend, you have until the end of February of 2018.

My Take - It sucks to see this news, but Demon's Souls is an old game. It has been out for almost a decade, it makes sense for From Software to shut down the servers. It must be costing them money, and they probably have seen not a lot of players using the feature. It makes sense for them to shut down the multiplayer. 

 Written by Quinten Hoffman, the mind behind Break in Reality. You can find him here.

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