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Ubisoft Montreal Details Next Map For Rainbow Six Siege

After the initial announcement of the next map being added to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has continued to share details about the upcoming expansion, Operation White Noise. A full reveal is yet to come, but a look at the map being added has been shown. 

Mok Myeok Tower is the next map being added to Rainbow Six Siege. The next expansion is centered around South Korea, and the map is described as "high-tech communications tower." The trailer above features some of the uniques areas in the gaming. Level designer Jacques Wong was quoted in a blog post and detailed how unique the level is.

"The new feature utilizes the Tower’s structure and allows players to rappel down and through the access points,” Wong explained. Should players be worried though about campers? “The map itself is pretty large and was designed specifically so that the majority of battles would take place in the center.” 

White Noise like every other Siege expansion is set to introduce new operators, but no concrete details about the new characters have been shared. Three new operators are being added, normally two operators are added. The normal two are tied to the location, South Korea, and the third is a Polish operator from the canceled Poland expansion. Every player will receive the map for free, and Year 2 subscribers will get early access to the Operators. Everyone can purchase the new characters down the line with in-game characters.

This expansion will be most likely fully detailed in the upcoming Pro League final stream on November 18 and 19. 

 Written by Quinten Hoffman, the mind behind Break in Reality. You can find him here.

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