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Early Access Game We Happy Few getting a feature film adaptation

The game, which isn't fully done yet, is being adapted into a film. The movie will focus on a strange "alternate 1960s" England. In which everyone will be wearing smiling masks and consuming government mandated pills to stay happy. 

The plot will be revolving around a man who is immune to the drugs, and has to uncover the dark secret behind the strange town. The film is being produced by Gold Circle and DJ2 Entertainment. Now if that team sounds familiar, reason being is that they are behind the upcoming Life Is Strange TV show, as well as the movie adaptations of both Sonic and Sleeping Dogs.

The video game adaptation into film is not one that has been viewed in a good light. And We Happy Few has a very original and strange premise behind it, so maybe the team can do something good with it. The most recent video game adaptation have been what seems underwhelming both critically and commercially. So I wouldn't get your hopes up, hopefully this studio turns these films around.

Written by Quinten Hoffman. One of the co-founders of Break in Reality. You can find him here

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