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A Fist of the North Star Game is in Development

 A Fist of the North Star is currently in development, with the team behind Yakuza working on it. Fist of the North Star, in a nutshell, is Japanese Mad Max and was a manga back in the early 80s.

The announcement comes out of a live-stream held earlier today, which showcased a trailer and story details for the game. Hokuto ga Gotoku is set for release in Japan sometime in 2018, and is post-apocalyptic Yakuza

Gematsu has reported on some of the story's details:

“Due to the hell fire of the final war, every living thing seemed to have been destroyed. However… humanity was not annihilated.
An era has arrived where all civilzations were blown away and none were produced. A world where the strong compete for the little food and resources left behind, and where violence dominates.
In the corner of such a world was a place called ‘The City of Miracles.’ That city’s name is ‘Eden.’”

The game will follow the North Star protagonist, Kenshiro, as he attempts to infiltrate the city in search of his long lost fiancee. 

You can watch the entire reveal in the VOD below:

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