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Four Days After Launch, Destiny 2 Surpasses 1 Million Concurrent Users

Destiny 2 seems to be having a very strong start. The team over at Bungie has reported that the game has over 1.2 million concurrent users on September 10. This figure covers player-bases on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is a huge milestone for a game to pass. The servers have experienced some trouble during the launch of the game, but it has been generally stable. 

By comparison,  PlayerUnknown's: Battlegrounds,  is one of the most popular games on Steam currently. Recently it has surpassed over one million concurrent users, whereas Destiny 2 is available on two platforms.

With the PC launch still slated for October, the game's fanbase will still expand. There has been no sales number as for the game. However, we will now know that it over 1 million copies. The concurrent player figure for any game will always be lower than an actual sales number. 

Written by Quinten Hoffman. One of the co-founders of Break in Reality. You can find him here

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