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Swery Shows off Gameplay for Upcoming Title 'The Good Life'

The creator of Deadly Premonition showed off his new game last month, The Good Life. Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro looks very weird and today he showed off gameplay for his upcoming game.

The Good Life is a murder mystery RPG focused around a small English town, and how everyone turns into a cat at night. The new trailer which was released with the game's request for crowdfunding on Fig. The only details that are known about the game is that the protagonist is a photographer named Naomi, who really misses New York City mainly Starbucks and Pizza.

The game is currently slated for release on PS4 and PC, with other platforms dependent on how successful the crowdfunding campaign is.

Written by Quinten Hoffman. One of the co-founders of Break in Reality. You can find him here

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